Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Unity Roses

purchased and reviewed by ThoraSTooth

BPAL Scents of the Day: Unity Roses (Lupercalia 2009)

In alchemy, the white and red roses symbolize the male / female polarity, the active and receptive, the light and the dark. Together, the roses become the alchemical concept of Mercury: perfect unity.

Our Red Rose scent is the embodiment of vigorous passion, and our White Rose personifies purity, virtue, and unconditional love. The scents individually are powerful, but layered together -- combined -- they become their perfected self.

Red Rose -- Red rose buds, with amber, clove, tonka, Indian musk, fir, and tobacco.

White Rose -- White rose buds, with vanilla tea, benzoin, orris, coconut meat, and frankincense.

I wore these scents recently for a significant wedding anniversary.  Red and white are significant for more than just the alchemical version of dualities, and this particular scent pairing works for me on many levels simultaneously.  I originally tested these scents separately, and then layered together as suggested.  I'm relying on my original notes to describe the individual scents, because that's the only time I haven't worn them layered together.

White Rose starts out very vanilla-coconut, soft, bright, sweet, and a bit tart.  It matures to a creamy sweet vanilla resin.  Red Rose is pretty consistent, a spicy musky clove and amber scent.  As it matures the spice gives way to a dark evergreen overtone.  For both Roses, the actual rose content doesn't dominate; it's a good team player.

Layered together, this scent is soft sweet vanilla-tinged resin with clove, rose, and musky overtones.  It's one of my Top Ten.

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