Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fun with OPI Color Paints

purchased by me

So I started with the OPI Color Paints set of minis, 5 color paints and one silver chrome.  I had so much fun playing with those that I had to get full-size versions of the ones that weren't in the set, plus full-size versions of the purple and turquoise because I know I'll be playing with those a bunch!

My first attempt was a fail--a checked pattern of Purple Perspective and Turquoise Aesthetic over Silver Canvas base.  I like the color combo, just not my inability to draw straight lines. :P

My next attempt was more successful, because it was more of a patchwork of Chromatic Orange, Pen &Pink and Primarily Yellow over Silver Canvas.  One of my work friends grabbed my hand and said, "Girl, your nails are fire!"  which of course made me grin.

My best so far was a watercolor mani with Indigo Motif, Turquoise Aesthetic and Landscape Artist over a white base.

If you'd like to play with these, you can get both the minis and full size bottles at Ulta, which is where I got mine.

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