Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dear China Glaze,

Recently, I paid for six of the Avant Garden polishes with my own money, with the intention of swatching them for my (very small) beauty blog and of wearing them just for the joy of the colors.  I even included them in a recent "haul post" showing off what I'd gotten because I was so very excited.

That changed the minute I read about what your contractor did to Kelly of Vampy Varnish and to Sam of Fashion Polish.  It's bad enough that she stole pictures belonging to bloggers who work very hard at photographing and reviewing your products, but that the pictures were then used on both The Shopping Chanel Canada (where the pictures are still being used!) and ShopNBC without credit to either blogger is unforgivable.  The fact that China Glaze's PR division responses to the two bloggers involved was inconsistent does not speak well of your company.

China Glaze is not a small company.  You have the power to stop allowing TSC to sell your products, and I'm sure they'd comply with a request from your corporate office to remove the photos from their website.  However, the most you have done is to offer a lame apology and even lamer excuse to one of the bloggers.

We bloggers are all small fish in your great big pond, but we are also your customers.  Those of us who love your products would prefer to know that we buy from a company with integrity.

Please do your best to correct the wrong done to Sam, Kelly, and by extension, the entire beauty blogging community.  Until then, those six Avant Garden polishes will sit on my shelf and gather dust.


  1. I read about the fiasco, but the way I understood it is that The Shopping Channel is at fault, and Kelly contacted them to let them know and didn't quite get an answer. The more appropriate response is to boycott TSC because they were the ones who contacted Kelly, not China Glaze as a company.

  2. Janelle, thanks for commenting--I do understand that TSC is at fault, but my point is that China Glaze does have a responsibility to at least try to correct the problem, since they allow TSC to sell their products. And I'm not boycotting them, just not promoting their polishes, and I'm definitely not urging a boycott on anyone, just as Kelly and Sam are.