Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nicest bear, best bear, cleverest bear!

One of my Goodreads friends is a lovely young woman named Heidi.  Her moderator tag on GR is "Nice bear, good bear" but I think after seeing the following pictures, you'll agree that she's the nicest bear, the best bear and the cleverest bear around!

When I got home from work on Valentine's Day, there were no cards in my mailbox, but there was a package from an address I didn't recognize.  I put the dogs out, let them in and fed them, and then bundled Mouse into the car to have his Frankenear checked at the vet's.  When I got home, $50 poorer and much tireder, I opened the package.  Inside, I found seven roses of a type I'd never seen before:

They're made from bubble wrap!

Then when I took apart the roses, I found seven beautiful polishes, including OPI Bastille My Heart (because my birthday is on Bastille Day) and OPI Shim-merry Chic, which is both HTF and out of my price range, plus $ephora by OPI, Borghese and Estee Lauder!

So thank you, Heidi, for a lovely Valentine's Day gift which I will remember for a long time!

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