Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stupid fracking Lush stuffed up AGAIN!

The only reason I would ever be insane enough to order from Lush during a special event is that one of my all-time favorite products was available and I had a gift card with a balance on it. The North American Lush website is slow as hell from the chat, but navigable. While thinking that Lush should know by now to beef up their damn servers when they know they're going to have a high volume of traffic, I select my products and go to check out.

First problem is that the cart won't accept my coupon. Fine. Remove the three relevant products from my cart (Hey, Lush, there goes $75 for you!) and enter the gift card number. It takes, so then I select ground shipping instead of air for a $2 savings (not much, but hey, money is money and I'm not dying for lack of these products). That shows, then I have to put in my MasterCard number to cover the balance left after the gift card, $10.55. Do that, take another look down the whole page, double-checking everything, and hit the button to finalize my order.

Go to my e-mail inbox, open the receipt from Lush, and see that they have charged THE WHOLE THING to my MasterCard AND charged me for air shipping. Panic and try to call them, line's busy. So I e-mailed, and right now I'm sitting here quivering with fury. If you still want the chat party info, it's now below this rant, but I am never ever again letting Lush suck me in to ordering. Even my beloved geranium-scented bath bomb is not worth the spike in my blood pressure.

As my friend Sally would say, "Fuckers!"

Wednesday, October 5th from 2 pm - 9pm PST.
Join our online party on Wednesday, October 5th from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm (PST) to celebrate the release of our Holiday Products! There will be limited edition products and LUSHious trivia with chances to win LUSH stuff.

Here’s a peek at the goodies we have to offer:

•Retro Christmas*
•Limited edition Halloween products and Day Of the Dead products*
•Web only specials*
Limited edition products available for the chat party:

- Iced Wine Jelly 240g $10.95
- Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar $6.95
- A Gold Star Bubble Bar $7.95
- Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar $6.95
- Bling Crosby Bubble Bar $7.95
- Green Party Bath Bomb $5.95
- Silver Cloud Bath Bomb $5.95
- Snowdrop Bath Bomb $5.95
- Jacko Ballistic Bath Bomb $5.95
- Cobweb Ballistic Bath Bomb $5.95
- Calacas Shower Jelly $5.95
- Lady Catrina Soap (100g) $6.95
- Pumpkin Knot Wrap $3.95
- Humango Bath Bomb $14.95
- Magic Bath Bomb $6.95

Halloween is upon us, Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas is just around the corner. So let’s get the holiday celebrations started early, let's P-A-R-T-Y!

*While supplies last

What's a chat party?
An interactive, online discussion by keyboard, like an MSN Messenger chat but with more people. We'll have a number of rooms online where us LUSHies can congregate and chat in real time. You'll need to sign in so you have a name in the rooms and can see who else is at the party. Everyone sees what everyone else types in, although two people can break off and have their own private keyboard chat. LUSH chat parties are open to everyone!

So at 2:00 P.M. PST, click here to chat!

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