Thursday, October 20, 2011

'Weeeeeeeeeeeeeenies! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I got my paws on a bottle of Wet n Wild Tangled in My Web today AND when I came home, my BPAL decants from JenJenRebecca were in the mailbox! Decants, which were not covered in my BPAL 101 post, are a means whereby customers can try limited-edition scents without purchasing entire bottles.

The decantor or decantrix buys the bottles, then divides them into imps and ships them to the members of the decant circle who have prepaid and helped cover the cost of the bottle order. There are decant circles on the BPAL forum, on LiveJournal, and on the Swappers forum. I got my decants from JenJenRebecca, who is an amazing decantrix!

JJR divides up the "frimps" (free imps) that the Lab sends out with every package, and adds candy and other themed goodies into all of her decant packages.

I got:

Autumn Cider
Fermented apple juice, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, lemon zest, butterscotch liquor, and orange slices.

Ghosts In Love
White sandalwood, tobacco flower, lily of the valley, white carnation, and magnolia blossom with tea rose, labdanum, and oudh.

La Calavera Catrina
The Lady of the Graveyard! Autumn leaves, wild roses, bourbon vanilla, dry chamomile, and a bouquet of bright chrysanthemums and Mexican marigolds.

October 2011
Dry, cold autumn wind. A rustle of red leaves, a touch of smoke and sap in the air.

Regina Erebi
The Queen of Hell: pomegranate, spear mint, black mulberry, and myrrh.

The daimon that tends the orchards of the Underworld: pomegranate, wonder-flowers, asphodel, and black soil.

The Golden Apple Of The Sun
Golden apple with amber, hibiscus, carnation, frankincense, golden spiced tea, ginger, and champaca flower.

The Black Apple Of Saturn
Dried Arkansas black apple, opoponax, cypress, myrrh, tobacco absolute, quince, black musk, and galbanum.

The Green Apple Of Venus
Sweet green apple, apple blossom, sweet strawberry, pink pomegranate, violet leaf, tea rose, and red sandalwood.

The Glittering Apple Of The Stars
Heirloom Malus, ylang ylang, white and blue musks, crystallized vanilla, tiare, frangipani, and bergamot.

Expressive Head
Teakwood, patchouli, green pepper, clove, white cognac, vetiver, and champaca absolute.

Garden Of Death
A harvest of plants that symbolize death in myriad cultures: belladonna accord, iris petals, red poppy, acanthus, manioc, parsley, yam, urd bean, chrysanthemum, acacia, and cypress wood rooted in dark, rich loam.

The Mandrake Charm
Mandrake root, olibanum, myrrh, hyssop, basil linalool, and lemongrass.

Vanilla-soaked linen accord with lavender, opium poppy, Moroccan jasmine, golden amber, white honey, and blackened fruit gums.

Post-Mortem Laureatus
White sandalwood and twining ivy.

The Ta-Ta
Boiled leather, carnation blossom, coffee absolute, and tobacco.

The Two-Tailed Sogg
Pink grapefruit, swamp moss, green musk, orris root, cypress, and honey.

The Wiley Grasser
Pine needles, wildflowers, and cotton candy.

The Zoom
Lime juice, bergamot, Himalayan cedarwood, helichrysum, and dragon’s blood resin.


  1. So glad you finally got WnW Tangled In My Web! Where did you find it?

  2. It was the only one left in a display being dismantled in my parents' city. I'm lucky I stopped!