Monday, October 10, 2011

Twins or just sisters?

My mom, who knows me well, brought me two DelSol polishes from her cruise--Trick or Treat and Superhero. If you look at the bottle pictures, you can sort of see the adorable little spiderwebs all over--clearly, this is a Halloween polish! The colors looked familiar, so I compared Trick or Treat with FingerPaints Holly Good Time:

Indoors, without flash:

Indoors, with flash:

Both have red and gold glitter in a clear base, although the glitter in the DelSol is just a tiny bit brighter than the FingerPaints, and the DelSol has a bit of a green flash to it as well. Both remove about the same--not bad for glitters, but with a tendency to leave little sparkly bits all over my hands and cuticles. Neither was opaque in two coats, so I prefer to wear them over a base color, in this case Zoya Sam.

The real difference, though, is in the base. The clear base of the DelSol changes to black when exposed to UV light, and goes back to clear indoors or in shade, but the glitter still shows up strongly. Over a base color, the black doesn't show as black, it just darkens the color, in this case the red-brown of Sam:


  1. These are both great. I love how the Del Sol changes color.

  2. I love that it just darkens the color underneath instead of looking black!