Monday, October 24, 2011

Revlon Blue Mosaic

My wonderful friend Steph loves blue nail polish, so I promised her a whole week of blue nails on my blog!

First up is Revlon's Blue Mosaic, the final polish from the Expressionists collection. I love this polish--the color, the different sizes and colors of glitter (silver, blue, green). I also hate it because the removal was tricky! I didn't have to scrub at the glitter, but the superfine glitter got everywhere and would not leave until after two showers. It's also fairly difficult to get opaque. Unlike the two other colors in the collection, Facets of Fuschia and Starry Pink, I will probably wear this one as a topcoat rather than on its own. All pictures are three coats, and please forgive the stained nails!

Indoors, no flash:

Indoors, flash:

And at its very best, sparkling in the sunshine:

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