Tuesday, November 22, 2011

17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Blue: review and swatches

This is just gorgeous, and I'm utterly in love! I used one coat of Nubar Ridge Filler and one coat of polish for this manicure, and then wore it all week. It applied like a matte, meaning it dried very quickly, with not much time to fuss with getting the application right, but there were no real difficulties, as the polish sat right where I put it. Cleanup was fantastic--I just used non-acetone remover and it all came off quickly and with no staining! I did hit my nail a time or two with the magnet, but basically managed to make it work. I loved, loved, loved the satin finish without topcoat--it looked like a star sapphire! Unfortunately, without topcoat, I had chips by the end of one day, so I removed the polish and re-did the manicure with a coat of Nubar Diamont, and it lasted four days before starting to chip.

Shut up, Jammies, and get to the pictures! ;)

Sadly, only two of them came out, and one is grotesquely blurry, but you can still see the finish and the pattern:

One coat, no flash, no top coat:

One coat, with flash, with top coat:


  1. I like this one!!! I like the color much more than the Layla Magnetic polishes Sephora is offering. Great international find!

  2. Thanks, GG. The blue is definitely my favorite of the two colors I got!