Friday, November 11, 2011

Inque Nails: Moody Zebra 2

I just love this pattern from Inque. It's colorful, pretty, and who doesn't love zebra stripes? Plus, the decals are thick enough that I feel as if I have an extra layer of protection on my nails, but not so thick my fingers feel weird.

Since Hauly asked about wear time, I thought I'd post some pictures after five days of wear and an experiment. I put two coats of Color Club Very Merry Berry from the Scent-suous collection on top of the Inque decals, both to see if I could polish over them and to try to cover up the tip wear (I type a lot in my job):

Bottle picture first:

The scent on this one is beautiful. I'm picky about berry scents, since I've been spoiled by Skindecent, BPAL and Lilypad! This starts off really sweet, like strawberry bubblegum, then a tarter berry, like cranberry, makes itself known, and then end result is a lovely, very realistic mixed-berry scent. After application, it faded a bit, and by the end of 24 hours it was gone, but I loved it when I could smell it!

Next, indoors, with flash:

Indoors, no flash:

In sunshine:

Very Merry Berry is really chunky glitter in a thick clear base, so I think it's best used as a layering polish. It does smell really lovely!

Tipwear on the Inque decals shows as a thin white line, not particularly awful, but noticeable to me. I was thrilled to discover you can polish over them, and since you just peel them off, it makes glitter removal a snap! I may wind up ordering some in neutral colors just to pile glitterbombs on.


  1. These are awesome! 5 days with only tip wear isn't that bad. You're making me want to buy these :::wallet hides in corner::: ;)

  2. *apologizes to the scared little wallet*