Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zoya Noel: review, swatches and a comparison

Noel is one of three new foils from Zoya's Gems and Jewels collection for the 2011 Holiday season, and it's a shimmering denim blue foil. It took two coats to reach bottle color and was very easy to work with.

Indoors, no flash:

Indoors, with flash:

In the sunshine:

I wondered when I first saw the promos and press releases and swatches how close Noel would be to Zoya Crystal, which was part of the Flame collection.

The answer is, not very! They're in the same color family, but in addition to the gold shimmer in Crystal, Crystal is much lighter.

Two coats of Crystal on my middle and pinkie fingers, two coats of Noel on my index and ring fingers, in the sunshine:

So yes, if you have Crystal and want Noel, you should definitely go for it! :)


  1. Thank you for the comparison. I figured I didn't need Noel since I have Crystal but you just proved otherwise.

  2. Oops--my apologies to your wallet! ;)

  3. I think I like Noel better than Crystal. Thanks for the comparison!

  4. You're welcome! I'm always amazed at how Zoya manages to keep from repeating a polish.