Monday, November 28, 2011

Joe Fresh Prune: review and swatches

It's Prune Week!

No, I'm not going to make my readers eat prunes. *grin* I'm going to make you look at various layering combos with Joe Fresh nail polish in Prune. Btw, I always thought prunes were dried plums, but it turns out they're a variety of plum, eaten both fresh and dried!

Joe Fresh nail polish is exclusive (I think) to Loblaw's in Canada. Fortunately, I have a lovely Canadian friend who hooked me up with some JF polishes--thanks, Helenie!

Prune is a dark purple crème which looks black in low light. You really have to see it in sunlight or very bright indoor light to tell that it's purple. The short, squat bottle and brush don't bother me at all, probably because I have short, squat paws. I used two medium-thick coats for all pictures, but someone more careful could probably get away with one thick coat.


Inside without flash:

Inside with flash:

In sunshine:

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