Monday, November 14, 2011

A 'Weenie a Day: Expressive Head

This was my last decant to test, and I didn't make my self-imposed deadline of testing it yesterday. I was afraid of the patchouli, because most patchouli (particularly from Lush, and they put it in freaking everything!) smells like dirty ashtrays on my skin. *ahem* Anyway, I was discussing 'Weenies with my friend Helenie, who is following these reviews, bless her for her patience, and I had to admit that I hadn't even sniffed this! So tonight, I was sitting here at my desk, trying to get the local radio station's streaming audio to work so I could hear a tornado warning in time to get to the basement, when the dog farted.

I am always surprised that there isn't a visible green cloud when Little Miss Miggy Pie farts, because it's just dreadful. I grabbed the closest imp, which happened to be Expressive Head, cracked it open and took a whiff. Oooh. Yummmm. Cognac! A lovely, boozy, rich, round scent. The BPAL description of Expressive Head is "Teakwood, patchouli, green pepper, clove, white cognac, vetiver, and champaca absolute." I got cognac at first, then when I applied it, I got cough syrup, and then when it dried down, I got a very masculine and yet very powdery scent.

So, the patchouli didn't kill me, but this isn't a scent I want to wear.

Oh, well, at least I finished in time to order bottles of The Ta-Ta and Garden of Death. Next BPAL series will be Yules.

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