Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Festive Week Day Three: LA Colors Jewel Tone vs. Color Club Very Merry Berry

This post is probably more to convince me that I needed both of these polishes than to compare them for anyone else. Sorry for being selfish! Jewel Tone and Very Merry Berry are both blue and fuchsia glitter in a clear base, and both are better for layering than for use on their own, but they're also very different.

is a sparse amount of very fine round glitter, and adds just a hint of color and sparkle to a manicure. Very Merry Berry is berry-scented, with big chunky hex glitter, and needs to be shoved around a bit so the glitter doesn't clump up. I love them both, and am glad I have them both.

Two coats of each polish, LA on pinkie and middle, Merry Berry on ring and index.

With flash:

Without flash"


  1. Such cute colors!! Love them!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Thank you, and happy holidays to you as well!