Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lilypad Sugared Shea Scrub in Winter Stroll

When I posted my Lilypad haul, I included a picture of the three adorable little scrub samples Eva sent me. I tried out the Sugared Shea Scrub in Winter Stroll this morning.

Sugared Shea Scrub is one of my favorite Lilypad products. It's strongly exfoliating, absolutely packed with sugar, and leaves a light film of oil on my skin that is absorbed before I get dressed. I have pretty dry skin year-round but I verge on leezard skin in the winter, so I don't know how I'd survive without my oily scrubs!

The Lilypad description of Winter Stroll is "Crisp alpine air, fresh snow, pine trees, and a hint of wood smoke." Oddly, while I was using this I got a strong spicy scent, mostly clove but with a bare hint of pine. After my shower, my skin smelled lightly of clean air and powder. By the time I had gotten dressed, the scent was gone and I could wear a scented body lotion without clashing. I'm not crazy enough about the scent to buy this in leave-in products, but if you were looking for a very light, clean, airy scent, this would be a good one to try, and you can't go wrong with the Sugared Shea Scrub.

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