Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lilypad Body Glow Soft Scrub in Yule Magic

The Body Glow Soft Scrub is in between the Sugared Shea Scrub and the Sugar Whip in terms of moisturizing. I'd say they're all comparable in terms of degree of exfoliation, which is medium. The Sugared Shea Scrub leaves a noticeable film of oil after use, the Sugar Whip rinses clean and the Body Glow Soft Scrub leaves a very light film of oil which disappears shortly after I pat my skin dry. It's not quite intense enough for Leezard Woman (me) but would be nice for someone who has less severe dry skin.

As for the scent, Lilypad describes Yule Magic as "Inviting scent of sitting by the fire during the holidays. Mulling spices, mistletoe, cranberries, a hint of the decorated tree, and a whiff of the glowing embers from the fire."

I get an initial hit of tart cranberries, then a drydown of mistletoe and pine. The scent lingers just a bit--I have to sniff my skin to find it, but it's there. Another lovely holiday scent from Lilypad Bathworks.

A sample of this product was sent to me for review.

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