Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Green Week Day Three: Jelly Sandwich with Sally Hansen Fog and Zoya Rina

I swatched Rina with the other Zoya Gems and Jewels I got, but I wanted to try a jelly sandwich. Please be kind, this was my first effort and it's laughable!

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Fog is a white, pearlized jelly with the same horrible brush as the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polishes.

I hate these brushes, it feels as though I'm polishing my nails with a push broom. Anyway, Fog is a soft white pearl jelly which makes me think of something that would make this post NSFW. ;) These pictures are three coats, and it's very pretty:

Inside without flash:

Inside with flash:

In the sun:

Then I had to go and put Rina on top of it and then put another coat of Fog over that:

And I wasted four coats of Fog and one coat of Rina. Bad Jammies! Please learn from me, children--less color contrast might have made this a very pretty sandwich!


  1. I think the Jelly coat you used was too pearlescent. I had this problem with some of my jelly sandwich experiments. I'd go for a "creme" finish jelly so it doesn't compete with the glitter in between.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm having a hard time finding jellies that don't have glitter or shimmer or something else in them. :(