Monday, December 26, 2011

A Yule a Day: A Blot Upon the Earth

My BPAL Yule decants have arrived, yay! And frankly, my nails are a mess thanks to wrapping Christmas presents and washing my hands about a zillion times in the last four days, so this week is going to be all about the BPAL.

A Blot Upon the Earth is from the Frankenstein section of this year's Yule scents. It's definitely not on my bottle list, because while it's evocative, like all of Beth's blends, it's not me.

BPAL's description: "A blot upon the earth: black plum, Spanish moss, opoponax, davana, vetiver, and opium poppy."

My reaction: I can smell the plum at first, but then the oakmoss takes over. Finally, there's a hint of poppy, but mostly it's floral oakmoss.

Happy Boxing Day!

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