Friday, February 10, 2012

Pink Week: Broadway Nail Strips

These pretty nail strips by Broadway have no name, only the designation DMT286. They're a glittery rose pink, half plain and half with a gold beaded strip down the center. The 18 strips are evenly divided between the plain and the beaded, so I alternated between the two. These are not actual nail polish like the Sally Hansen strips, nor are they as thick as the Inque decals. The directions are pretty standard--apply the strips to clean nails, fold over the edge and file off.

Because these strips are so very long and I'm still wearing micro-nubbins with no free edge, I cut them with scissors rather than folding them over and then filed. I wrapped the tips with Nubar Diamont to make sure of the seal. There are 18 strips in a package, which basically means one manicure and some leftovers I may use for accent nails. I really liked that these were mounted on a clear plastic backing--I could hold it directly over my hands to see which strip fit each nail best.

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

The strips on the plastic backing:

A really bad picture of the packaging:


  1. I'd love to hear how these wear on you... I've tried Inque and another type (besides SH) and neither wore very well. The tips would pull off (even w/wrapping), and Inque left sticky residue from the adhesive. SH Salon Effects always wear well on me, though, and because they're really polish, removed so nicely.

  2. These wore very well for the two days I had them on. But I don't have my hands in and out of water like you do, so I don't know if that would affect the wear time or not.