Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dear Tom and Lorenzo,

My apologies for addressing you by your first names, but given that you use those names exclusively on your website, I believe Miss Manners would forgive me.  As a long-time reader of your site, I have watched with growing distaste your increasing dismissal of creative manicures as "pinterest nails" for some time.  I would not have bothered to write you about this particular form of snobbery (as I have plenty of snobbery of my own) had you not slammed an actress for "pinterest nails" when in fact she was simply wearing a holographic white nail polish.  This bit of inaccurate snobbery spurred me to list all the ways your disdain irritates me:

1. It's "Pinterest".  If you're going to use a proper noun, capitalize it, even if you are using it as an insult.

2. Pinterest users spend a great deal of time on their pages.  Perhaps not as much time as you two spend on yours, but nonetheless, the effort and thought deserve some respect.

3.  Those fashion shows you go to and write about?  Look at how many of those designers work with nail polish companies and manicurists on daring, exciting, exotic looks which enhance the fashion and tell me again that nail art should be looked down upon.

4.  You've mentioned on your blog that sometimes a designer's work needs to be separated from the show and visualized in the "real world" i.e. taking one gorgeous blazer and building an outfit of non-competing pieces with it.  Why shouldn't nail art sometimes be that piece?

5.  Not every woman has the body, paycheck, or lifestyle which makes wearing high fashion possible.  But all women can find an outlet for creativity, whether it's water-marbled nails or blue eye shadow.  If I need to dress up my navy blue pantsuit with holographic white nail polish because that's what I can get away with at the job which pays for my mortgage and my dogs' food, then don't you dare dismiss me from your self-employed high horse.

6.  There's a difference between a thoughtful opinion on what goes with what, which is supposed to be your strength as fashion bloggers, and outright dismissal of something you personally find unlikable, which is what you do every time you toss out the phrase "pinterest nails".  I'll be the first to agree that not every manicure goes with every outfit, and I'd be pleased to hear your thoughts on whether one should or should not wear plaid nails with a floral dress and vice-versa, but I'm tired of hearing you complain about anything that isn't a boring one-color crème polish.

7.  As much as you dislike putty-colored pumps with every dress on the red carpet, wouldn't you dislike putty-colored nails with every outfit?

If you've actually read this, and gotten this far, then thank you very much.  My shamrock-printed nails and I feel much better.

Yours in Bitter Kittenhood,



  1. Disparaging a hobby, a choice, or a method of personal expression because it doesn't interest one, especially when one is blessed with a wide reaching platform on which to speak, is simply not classy.

  2. Well damn, girl, you've just summed up my whole post in one well-written paragraph! :)